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A sleek addition and extra modernity to the protection of your home, store and office environment. Carena Leather from Fichet-Bauche provides a high-strength safe with certified burglary resistance.
You look for certified burglary protection for your valuables but you also want to elevate the image of your safe with a touch of elegance and style.
Carena Leather from Fichet-Bauche offers extra distinction to your safe without compromising on security. The metal exterior of the safe has been clad in soft, sumptuous leather and it has been topped and tailed with rounded, aluminium caps which provides a warmth pretty edge. To give an original aesthetic appeal to your surroundings, you can choose between different colours schemes.

Your benefits:
- Sumptious safe clad in luxurious leather
- Choice between five different colours schemes including red, black and tan
- Sophisticated and novel design with transparent fittings and illuminated interior
- Reinforced locking thanks to a single bolt which runs from the top to the bottom
- Full access to the valuables as door can open to 90°
- Integrated electronics which allows connection to any alarm system, increasing security
- Certified A2P and EN 1143-1, Grades I E, II E, III E for burglary protection
- Choice of EN 1300- and A2P-certified mechanical or electronic locks: MxB, MC4, Nectra, Moneo, GSL 1000
- Choice of 6 sizes ranging from 40 to 370 litres
- Also available in standard or white models
- Designed and manufactured in France according to the ISO 9001 standard for Quality Management Systems and ISO 14000 for Environmental Management Systems

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